Heatmasters Introduces E-invoicing for Its Customers and Suppliers

The Finnish units of Heatmasters deployed an e-invoicing solution for sales and purchase invoices in March 2018. The reform provides customers an opportunity to receive e-invoices and attachment in an electronic format called Finvoice 2.0 (- an XML-format used in Finland). Customers outside Finland can receive their invoices and attachments by email. The idea behind the change is to encourage ecological behavior and efficiency. Over ten thousand pieces of paper will disappear permanently on an annual basis which will reduce Heatmasters’ carbon footprint. “I am excited about this opportunity to serve our customers better and extend the use of environmentally-friendly solutions”, the CFO of Heatmasters, Mr. Arto Viskari, rejoices.

All sales invoices will be sent out directly from Heatmasters’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) -system utilizing the most effective channel. Customers can select either e-invoice, e-mail attachment in pdf-format or paper invoice. Most customers want their invoices in an electronic format to ease their process.

To keep the cost structure effective, Heatmasters opened up an electronic channel for its’ purchase invoices as well. Purchase invoices and attachments from Finnish suppliers are received as e-invoices. Invoices received by email or paper are directed automatically to a scanning service that reads data fields from invoices. To approve invoices, they are transferred to a web-based tool included in the ERP system so that authorized persons can verify and approve them flexibly from any location.

Sales and purchase invoices are archived once a month in the ERP -system which makes it unnecessary to have paper copies archived. The need for physical storage, moving and destroying papers will disappear. Overall process efficiency will increase. Mr. Viskari also wants to emphasize the importance of positive employee experience ”As the amount of manual work decreases, our employees are likely to feel more satisfied. We want to provide our employees with comfortable modern working environment and good tools for work”.