HM406T2 - a 40 kVA fully-automatic, six-channel heat treatment unit for preheating and annealing metal workpieces

The HM406T2 is a 40 kVA fully-automatic, six-channel heat treatment unit for preheating and annealing metal workpieces. We are ensuring our clients receive innovative equipment, designed with industry requirements such as ease-of-use and a long product lifetime in mind!

Setting, controlling, monitoring and documentation of heat treatment parameters are carried out by Heatmasters' computerized state-of-the-art control system.

All channels can be independently programmed. 12 heating elements can be connected, two per channel.

HM406T2 will carry out the programmed heat treatment process according to the given parameters. The process can be monitored from the controller, or managed using a laptop (even remotely with a GSM data line). This means heating can be started at any time, even remotely.

The controller registers the achieved heat treatment results in its memory, which enables easy preparation of heat treatment documents. A separate temperature recorder is not needed.

Thanks to its signal light system, the operating status of the device is always known and any disturbances in the electrical network or heating resistors are noticed right away by the operator.

The stainless steel body gives the unit a sleek look and a long lifetime!

The unit uses thyristors in power output control, minimizing maintenance work.

It is also relatively portable, weighing only half of the weight of traditional heat treatment units, and being small enough to move around by hand, even through doorways etc.

Our product range covers the market's most advanced heat treatment units for pre-heating and PWHT of metal objects. This includes semi- and fully-automatic units available in 3 or 6 channel variants with heating power up to 50kVA.

We also offer portable inverter-based units.

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