Juha-Matti Haikari – 30 years of service with Heatmasters

Our heat treatment veteran, who highly appreciates the independence and variety offered by his position, believes that there will ample work in the field in the coming years.

Juha-Matti “Julli” Haikari reflects on his thirty years of experience and how versatile his job has become over the years.

"The technical advancement of materials used to mean that heat treatment took twice as long as now", says Haikari.

Increased pace creates higher physical demands from those working in the field. Haikari draws attention to the fact that since the need for heat treatment is often found late in a project, the deadlines come fast and by extension, this generally means our experts have to work under heavy time restraints.

Haikari believes the best things in this field is independence of the craftsman and the variety of the job. In 90’s Haikari used to do foreign assignments. His furthest assignment was in Nahodka, Russia, on the shores of the Sea of Japan.

"It was an interesting, good assignment. I trained the locals to do heat treatment and stayed behind as an installation coordinator for over a year", Haikari recollects.

Haikari is well versed in English and manages a reasonable level of working Russian. During his years at Heatmaster Haikari has finished projects in over ten countries – in locales such as Uruguay, Chine, Thailand, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Sweden and Estonia.

Haikari has around ten years left of his career. He believes there be no shortage of project opportunities in heat treatment in the coming years.

"We won’t be running out of work any time soon."