Piia Saali is our newest employee at Heatmasters in Turku

Our newest employee, Piia Saali, started her work at our Turku office early this January. Saali’s work description is unusual – on any given day she works both with heat processing and as an office assistant. Saali enjoyes the duality and the striking contrast of her job description.

"I find the diversity of my job to be a positive thing. Variety keeps daily work interesting", Saali says.

Saali is professionally qualified in storage management and has twenty years of experience working for Trafotek Oy and Dunlop Hiflex. In her previous assignments she worked in production, until advancing to manage logistics and warehouse operations. Heatmasters offers Saali new venues to put her skills to the test.

"The learning process is ever present  and provides both the best and most challenging side in this work", says Saali.

The start of this year Saali has been organizing her time to study new methodology and technology to get the most out of her career at Heatmasters.

"The sooner I assimilate new information the better my ability to work independently will be", Saali says.

In her spare time Saali likes to spend time with her dogs.

"I volunteer as a Home Care Assistant for Animals. For me, there’s nothing better than a peaceful walk in the woods with the dogs."


We welcome Piia to Heatmasters family!