Heatmasters has new Managing Director

Ilkka Mujunen M.Sc.(Tech.) has been started as Managing Director of Heatmasters Group Oy. Mujunen has diverse experience of international business extending back more than 20 years.

Earlier Managing Director of Heatmasters Group Oy, Juha Saarikunnas, has leave the service of the Group. We would like to thank Juha for the work he has done for Heatmasters Group.

Heatmasters Group Oy specializes in metal heat treatment services and supplying related machines and equipment. The company has its Finnish operating units in Lahti and Varkaus. It derives a significant part of its net sales from foreign associated companies located in Sweden and Poland.


Ilkka Mujunen p. +358 (0)20 718 1321,