HEATMASTERS furnaces running hot

Heatmasters offers wide range of services including heat treatment, surface treatment, NDT-inspections and transportation coordination Europe wide. However sometimes customers decide to invest in their own furnace. We have installed lately a variety of electric and gas fired furnaces in Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. Heating job itself will be performed by a customer or by Heatmasters’ technicians. In addition to traditional preheating and annealing furnaces there is a growing segment of users of coating furnaces.

This electric preheating furnace has pneumatically operated cover. The furnace bed is designed so that it can be easily moved from one place to another.


Furnace design is always tailored according to customers needs. This high temperature electric furnace is designed specifically for solution heat treating of large pressure vessel ends.


Electric furnace is designed for annealing of machine frames for a machine tool manufacturer. It is controlled by Heatmasters’ fully automatic temperature control system HM25.


A furnace to anneal large structures is assembled out of modular 2m x 4m panels. Heating is operated by Heatmasters’ technicians and is fired by gas.


This low height electric furnace is designed for the needs of a transportation vehicle manufacturer. Cover is operated hydraulically. Cooling speed is enhanced by automatic cooling hatches.


Heating resistors of this air circulation furnace are located behind the wall panels. The doors are operated pneumatically.


The scope of delivery of the furnaces is ranging from turn key solutions to projects where the customer is manufacturing the steel structures by himself according to Heatmasters’ design and instructions. Naturally the customer enjoys a wide range of life cycle services from training to modernizations which are also delivered to other manufacturers’ furnaces and heating equipment.