Project Summary: On-Site Pre-Heating and PWHT in Fixed Furnaces (Boiler Drums)


Heatmasters Pre-Heating Boiler Stems

Scope: Heatmasters Service Combo (On-site pre-heating followed by PWHT at Heatmasters Service Center)
Client: Enitec Sp. z o.o
Industry: Manufacturing (boiler components and pressure vessels)
Location: Poland

”We appreciate Heatmasters’ experience in steel heat treatment and recommend them as a proven partner.”
-Krystian Kowal, Vice President at Enitec Sp. z o.o.

“Despite the challenges of this job, such as large dimensions and weight, the materials involved, the requirements of standards and regulations, thanks to the expert advice provided by Heatmasters and professionalism in pre-heating and post-weld heat treatment, the task was completed successfully.”
-Michał Krawiec, Project Engineer at Enitec Sp. z o.o


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