Commissioning Of a Gas Fired Furnace in Saudi Arabia


Saudi-Arabia Heat Treatment Furnace with Gas Burners

Heatmasters Has Finished Commissioning of a Gas-Fired Furnace in Saudi Arabia

Featuring 2100 kW of heating power, and a movable wagon, this furnace was designed according to the customers’ needs to expand their production facilities’ in-house heat treatment capabilities.

The customer is an experienced pressure vessel, tank, and steel structure manufacturer for the oil and energy industry.

In addition to our famous digital temperature control system, we have also installed a new complete automation system that controls and monitors the burners, combustion fans, doors, cooling hatches, and wagon. This system ensures accurate, efficient, and repeatable heat treatment processes at the customers’ production facility.

This system allows the operator complete control of the furnace via the HM25 software.

It also implements advanced safety logic developed by Siemens, which allows us to ensure the safe operation of the gas-fired furnace in all conditions.

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