Drum Pulper Repairs & Heat Treatment


Inside Drum Pulper

Heatmasters’ heat treatment specialists provided heat treatment services during repair works at a paper mill in Egypt. Our team was on-site for several weeks, completing preheating and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) services during several weld repairs on a drum pulper and its support rings.

During welding repairs, the integrity of a component where a crack has been found, such as this drum pulper, is restored. Cracks can appear during in-service or already in the manufacturing process. A slot is milled in order to remove the crack, after which it is filled. The welding process can be any kind of arc, beam, or gas welding process. However, manual arc welding is the most common method for repair welding. Preheating may be required during the welding process, and the component may need to be post-weld heat treated in order to reduce residual stresses and/or restore material microstructure. In this case, local heat treatment was possible, which means that only a part of the structure was heat treated. This is in contrast to global heat treatment where the entire structure is heat treated by placing it in a furnace.

Our technicians specialize in on-site local heat treatment works at nuclear power plants, power plants, oil refineries, pulp & paper mills, and within chemical and offshore industry projects. All of Heatmasters’s heat treatment solutions adhere to our comprehensive quality management system and industry regulations.

Heat Treatment Egypt Pyramids

Thanks to our locations across Europe, we are also able to provide rapid responses for our customers, which is often a requirement for critical repair works. After being contacted by a customer, our teams are able to start heat treatment works within Europe in a matter of days. Click here to read more about a related paper mill repair project requiring rapid response from Heatmasters.

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Our wizards of metal use mobile heat treatment units are designed and manufactured by Heatmasters, equipped with modern temperature control systems. This ensures rapid and accurate heat treatment, along with digital documentation for each heating process completed.

During this project, Heatmasters experts were equipped with Heatmasters HM406T_R26 mobile heat treatment units. These portable, fully-automatic units have 6 channels and a power output of 40 kW with a weight of only 170 kg.

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