Electrical Heat Treatment Furnace Delivered to a Foundry in Europe


Heatmasters Electric Heat Treatment Furnace Commissioned at a Foundry in Europe

Modern Electrical Heat Treatment Furnace Enables Expansion of Foundry’s Production Capabilities

Heatmasters has finished commissioning an electrical heat treatment furnace for a foundry in Europe.
With a loading capacity of 9000 kg and an operating temperature of 1000 °C, the furnace was designed according to the customers’ needs to further expand their production capabilities.

The furnace includes our famous digital temperature control system and full automation of two wagons and pneumatic doors. It also implements advanced safety logic developed by Siemens, which allows us to ensure the safe operation of the furnace in all conditions.

This furnace has been designed to meet the current and future heating requirements of the customer. Thanks to tight cooperation and communication between the customer and our experts, we were able to provide a cost-efficient, high-quality solution. Our wizards of metal will be able to provide support in the form of maintenance and modernization services to ensure the smooth operation of the furnace for years to come.

If you would like more information regarding this furnace, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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