Furnace Modernization: From Gas to Electric

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Heatmasters provided Alu-Releco with a furnace modernization solution which allowed them to move from an old gas-burner furnace to a modern electric furnace. Like all of our solutions, it was custom-tailored to meet their needs whilst providing all the benefits of a modern furnace and temperature control system.

Alu-Releco has decades of know-how and experience with surface treatment & coating processes, specializing in professional surface treatment with Teflon- and fluoroplastic coatings. Alu-Releco coating solutions are used across all industries, which means their processes and equipment need to meet the expectations of their clients and rigorous quality standards. Their surface treatment facility in Riihimäki, Finland utilized a furnace with gas-burners to heat metal parts. Heating was done to ensure that there were no contaminants such as dirt and grease prior to the application of the surface coating. The size of the furnace is 5*2,5*2,5m with a maximum operating temperature of 500°C.

What Was the Issue?

Alu-Releco shared their concerns related to this furnace with our team of heat treatment specialists. The furnace was unreliable and had issues with temperature uniformity. The fact that the furnace was fueled by gas was also an issue as it requires additional permits. And this furnace was quite old, which meant it lacked the energy efficiency of modern furnaces and cladding was in poor condition. The temperature control system was also outdated.

Furnace insulation prior to modernization.

The old furnace was in poor condition prior to the modernization.

Furnace Modernization

After discussing and mapping the needs of Alu-Releco and careful analysis of the old gas-burner furnaces condition, Heatmasters decided that the best route of action was to modernize the furnace into a modern electric furnace with convection heating. This modernization was done locally, at the Alu-Releco surface treatment facility in Riihimäki, Finland.

The modernization process was completed by our heat treatment specialists at the customer’s facilities.

The modernization process was completed by our heat treatment specialists at the customer’s facilities.

During the furnace modernization process, all gas-burners and related equipment were removed as the new furnace would no longer be fueled by gas. The rest of the furnace was dismantled down to its frame and new insulation and cladding were installed to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Electric heating elements were installed along with convection blowers to ensure even heat distribution during the heating process. Naturally, all electrical systems and electric cabins were also installed to meet today’s standards.

Gas-burner furnace was converted into an electric heat treatment furnace utilizing convection heating.

The gas-burner furnace was converted into an electric furnace utilizing convection heating.

Alu-Releco is pleased with the new furnace and we enjoyed working with them during the process. We look forward to future cooperation and ensuring the furnace continues to operate flawlessly by providing regular furnace maintenance services and upgrades according to their future needs.

”We are pleased with the results and flexibility during the project. Our needs for the features and usage of the furnace were well understood by Heatmasters.”

-Petteri Narko, Managing Director at Alu-Releco Oy

The “new” furnace will provide Alu-Releco with:

  • Higher energy efficiency and associated cost savings
  • Accurate heating through the integration of a modern temperature control system
  • Reliable electric heating, as the gas fueled option was no longer suitable for the customer

Furnace Modernization: New cladding and insulation material installed to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

New furnace cladding and insulation material installed to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

In addition to our refurbishment, upgrade & maintenance services, we design custom-tailored heat treatment furnaces to meet your needs. Heatmasters also provides temporary, modular furnace solutions for heat treatment at your facility, anywhere in the world.

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