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Heatmasters Heat Treatment & Industrial Services - Integrated Service Model

Heatmasters has been a service company since its beginning 45 years ago. With the new service model, we expand our scope of services beyond heat treatment to various kinds of other industrial services. Heatmasters service center in Turku, Finland, has piloted for a couple of years an integrated process model, where Heatmasters picks up the valve frames from a manufacturer, performs annealing to the frames at Heatmasters’ service center, then transports the goods for blasting and painting and finally delivers the frames to the manufacturer’s customer. Heatmasters is optimizing the whole process, which saves time and effort from the manufacturer. This is a good example of how the new service model benefits the welding and manufacturing shops.

We also apply the service model for the delivery process of maintenance and turnaround companies working at various process sites: power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, pulp mills, etc. There is the newest project starting right now in Silesia, Poland, where Heatmasters provides NDT inspection & testing and as well as rented welders on top of the heat treatment services for a CHP (combined heat and power) plant maintenance. Heatmasters’ one-stop-shop makes it easy for the customer to plan and execute projects as there are fewer moving parts to juggle with.

Little by little our clientele is moving from single heat treatment jobs and projects to “combos” including a bundle of industrial services and finally to value partnership where Heatmasters is managing a selected part of the customer’s delivery process with value creation and continuous improvement responsibilities and targets.

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