Heat Treatment at a Large Oil Shale-Fired Thermal Power Plant


Oil-shale thermal power plant On-Site Heat Treatment

On-site heat treatment at one of the world’s largest oil shale-fired thermal power plants. Heatmasters operators were on-site, providing heat treatment services around the clock.

The power plant unit where the work took place utilizes circulating fluidized bed boiler technology. Heatmasters has decades of experience in the heat treatment of superheater and CFB boiler components.
Our operators were on-site for 3 weeks, during which all heat treatment processes included in this project’s scope were completed successfully and on time.

300 superheater welds and other components related to high-temperature superheaters and high-temperature reheaters were accurately heated to a temperature between 650 °C and 800 °C. Thanks to the Heatmasters digital temperature control system, our operators had complete control of heat treatment parameters and digital documentation along with certificates were provided to the customer. This is one of the benefits of our advanced temperature control system, which is integrated into our fully automatic heat treatment units as well as many furnaces.

On-Site Heat Treatment Ceramic Heating Elements PWHT

The temperature in the working areas was only around 6 °C, but luckily this was comfortably warm compared to the winter weather back home in Finland. According to our team, the only real challenge during this project was the tight spaces within the facility, which were also managed thanks to the equipment utilized. Our team was equipped with several HM406T_R26 mobile heat treatment units, perfect for heat treatment operations inside a facility such as this power plant, where mobile and lightweight units with minimized maintenance requirements are needed.


Heatmasters’ experts have a strong track record of successful heat treatment and industrial services projects completed in accordance with rigorous quality standards across various process facilities worldwide.


Thermal Power Plant Heat Treatment Stacks

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