Heat Treatment Services and Hardness Testing at an Oil Refinery in Germany


Oil Refinery in Germany" alt="Heatmasters">

Heatmasters Heat Treatment Wizards Provided Heat Treatment Services (Preheating and PWHT), Along With Hardness Testing of Welds at an Oil Refinery in Germany

The refinery is known as one of the most modern refineries in Europe, with a maximum processing capacity of 12 million tonnes of crude oil per year. The refinery has a comprehensive product range including gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, LPG, naphtha, aviation fuel, bitumen, and methanol.

Our operators were on-site for 8 weeks and successfully completed all works without any issues. Our team was equipped with several of our mobile heat treatment units, which were perfect for heat treatment operations inside a facility such as this oil refinery, where mobile, lightweight units with minimized maintenance requirements are needed. Heatmasters heat treatment units also feature our integrated digital temperature control system, which enables complete control of heat treatment parameters, digital documentation and certificates along with many other benefits.

Heatmasters promises rapid responses and high-quality, flexible services. Our experts have a strong track record of successful heat treatment and industrial services projects in various process facilities across the globe.

📷 Photo courtesy of Alexander Stöhr
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