Exciting Announcement: Heatmasters Becomes Sole Agent for TAV VACUUM FURNACES in the Nordics


Heatmasters & TAV Vacuum Furnaces

Heatmasters has entered into an exclusive agency contract with TAV VACUUM FURNACES for the Nordic region, specifically Finland, Sweden, and Norway. This collaboration is a major step forward in our mutual goal to improve the distribution and delivery channels of vacuum furnaces in the region. Heatmasters looks forward to working together with TAV VACUUM FURNACES to expand our existing furnace portfolio and provide vacuum furnace technology to our existing and new customers.

“We are very excited to have TAV VACUUM FURNACES onboard and look forward to expanding into new markets and applications utilizing vacuum technologies. Thanks to TAV VACUUM FURNACES being one of the leaders in their market, we can confidently provide high-quality vacuum furnaces to the Nordic region.”
-Ilkka Mujunen, President & CEO @ Heatmasters


Introduction to Vacuum Furnaces and Their Applications

Vacuum furnaces are essential to multiple modern industrial processes, offering a reliable solution for various applications. These specialized furnaces create a controlled environment allowing precision heat treatment, brazing, sintering, additive manufacturing, ceramics processing, diffusion bonding, aluminizing, and other processes happening under a vacuum.

Applications in Focus:

Heat Treatment

Vacuum furnaces ensure optimal heat treatment outcomes as they combine vacuum, which is the ideal environment for material processing at high temperatures, with fast quenching speed for increasing material performances.


The controlled atmosphere within vacuum furnaces facilitates clean and precise brazing operations, resulting in robust joints between materials.


Industries rely on vacuum furnaces for sintering powdered materials, as vacuum speeds up cycle times and guarantees temperature uniformity with more predictable results.

Additive Manufacturing

In additive manufacturing processes, vacuum furnaces are used for different materials and different processes, ranging from heat treatment to thermal de-binding and sintering.

Ceramics Processing

Vacuum furnaces play a crucial role in ceramic processing, ensuring the desired properties of ceramics through precise heating and a controlled atmosphere.

Diffusion Bonding

Vacuum furnaces enable strong bonds between materials in diffusion bonding applications, fostering durability and reliability in end products.


Industries benefit from vacuum furnaces in aluminizing processes and enhance corrosion resistance on steel and nickel alloy surfaces operating in high-temperature conditions.


Thanks to their extensive knowledge of vacuum and high-temperature engineering as well as a large team of experienced mechanical and automation engineers supported by the most advanced software and instrumentation, end-users worldwide recognize TAV VACUUM FURNACES as a proven and reliable solution provider in vacuum technology.

“Flexibility, innovation, and technology are TAV’s core values. Heatmasters shares the same values and attitude, meaning our collaboration is a perfect match that allows us to deliver higher value to our Scandinavian customers. The possibility to cover a wider range of processes to the market through the products and services that both companies are offering will benefit the Scandinavian market and will foster mutual growth.”
-Guido Locatelli, General Manager @ TAV VACUUM FURNACES SPA

Vacuum Furnaces

This collaboration between Heatmasters and TAV VACUUM FURNACES signifies a significant step forward in our commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology to our clientele. With TAV’s expertise in furnaces utilizing vacuum technology complementing Heatmasters’ existing furnace offerings, we can meet the evolving process requirements of our customers across many industries and applications.


Find out more about TAV Vacuum Furnaces here.

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Exciting Announcement: Heatmasters Becomes Sole Agent for TAV VACUUM FURNACES in the Nordics


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