Heatmasters Delivers Heat Treatment Furnace to RAFAKO in Poland


Heatmasters Heat Treatment Furnace delivered to RAFAKO

Heatmasters delivered a new heat treatment furnace to RAFAKO S.A in Poland. The heat treatment furnace will further expand and optimize the in-house heat treatment processes at RAFAKO.

RAFAKO has over 70 years of experience providing specialized solutions to power generation, heat generation as well as oil and gas sectors both in Poland and abroad. The company manufactures boiler elements including membrane walls, drums, coils, rotary air and flue gas preheaters, air and flue gas ducts, steel structures and heat exchangers as well as other pressure equipment.

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Heatmasters has provided innovative, custom-tailored heat treatment equipment since 1974. In-depth heat treatment know-how accumulated during the last half a century, customer orientation, and our capability to adapt to industry needs has forged us into pioneers in heat treatment solutions. We design and manufacture high-quality custom-tailored industrial and heat treatment furnaces for companies that have decided to invest in in-house heat treatment capabilities and know-how. Each furnace is designed together with the customer, to ensure each furnace also meets current and future heating requirements.

“Based on our cooperation during this project, Rafako would like to thank Heatmasters company for their work towards our new investment. The decision to buy a new moveable furnace from Heatmasters provided us the opportunity to be more flexible and reduce the time and cost of our in-house heat treatment processes. Investing into this new furnace from Heatmasters allows us to extend our facilities’ capabilities and scope of offering to our clients.
On behalf of the Rafako team, I would like to wish you all the best and we are looking forward to more cooperation in the future!”
-Jakub Konior, Plant Director/Proxy at RAFAKO S.A


Heatmasters completed the design and engineering work for this furnace and provided heating technology, as well as installation and commissioning services. As a cost-effective solution, the steel works for the furnace were completed locally by RAFAKO, under the supervision of Heatmasters.

Heat Treatment & Industrial Furnace Design

The dimensions of this new furnace are 6 x 6 x 2 meters. The furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 800 °C and a heating power output of 216 kW.

Furnace Commissioning & Final Inspection

The furnace of course includes Heatmasters’ digital temperature control system with a Rigel26 controller. This provides RAFAKO with accurate, repeatable heat treatment processes, digital process control, and documentation of each heat treatment.

Furnace Electrical Cabinet and Digital Temperature Control System


Heatmasters is happy to have another end-user utilizing a modern and efficient Heatmasters furnace. We look forward to future cooperation with Rafako, as it was also a pleasure to work with their professional team during this project.

Heatmasters furnaces and equipment are supported by modern, high-tech features and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive life-cycle services to ensure smooth and efficient heat treatment operations for years to come.

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