Heatmasters teams up with surface treatment superstar Carelia Corro Oy


Carelia Corro Outsource Surface Treatment

Heatmasters Oy, an international supplier of heat treatment services and equipment, founded in 1974, is teaming up with a surface treatment company. The parent company of Heatmasters, Haarniska Holding Oy, has acquired the majority of the stock of Carelia Corro, which specializes in outsourced surface treatment and surface treatment consultation services. The acquisition is already the third since Heatmasters transferred from Panostaja Oyj to Haarniska Holding’s ownership in the summer of 2021.

“Heatmasters’ and Carelia Corro’s businesses support each other,” says Kalle Reponen, a shareholder of Haarniska Holding and Chairman of the Board of Heatmasters, and continues: “Heatmasters’ customers will now receive surface treatment from Carelia Corro from the same shop, and on the other hand, Heatmasters’ extensive contacts within the European manufacturing industry opens up unique opportunities for the implementation of Carelia Corro’s growth strategy.”

“From Carelia Corro’s point of view, it is great to become part of a dynamic industrial group, which from many points of view gives new ideas for the growth and development of the company”, says Carelia Corro’s CEO Miikka Kuutilo, who will also continue as a shareholder of Carelia Corro.

The two previous acquisitions have already supported Heatmasters’ equipment business, while the Carelia Corro deal will strengthen the group’s service business. Experience and know-how, flexibility and high quality are at the center of the operations of both companies.

“Heatmasters’ professional team has always been known among its customers for its wizard-like expertise. It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome another highly skilled company to Haarniska Holding’s chivalrous family,” Haarniska Holding’s shareholder and CEO of Heatmasters Ilkka Mujunen rejoices.

Heatmasters is a company specializing in heat treatment and other industrial services and equipment, with offices in Hollola, Turku, and Varkaus, as well as in Będzin, which is located in southern Poland. Heatmasters also operates in the Baltics through its associate company Heatmasters Baltic. Dubbed the wizards of metal, Heatmasters works on projects around the world in addition to their home market, and the company’s equipment is sold in more than thirty countries.


Carelia Corro, founded in 2017, specializes in industrial surface treatment and operates on the premises of its leading customers in Jyväskylä, Lievestuore, Savonlinna, and Varkaus. Carelia Corro has long-term surface treatment expertise with strong and versatile experience in anti-corrosion painting as well as extensive networks in the field. The company’s goal is to challenge the current players in the market with an agile and cost-effective business model.


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