Integration of Modern Temperature Control System to an Existing Heat Treatment Furnace


Heatmasters Rigel26 Heat Treatment Temperature Control System Integrated into Existing Heat treatment furnace

Heatmasters Temperature Control Systems

For more than three decades, Heatmasters has been at the forefront of temperature control systems for metal heat treatment applications. Industry veterans are already familiar with our legendary Rigel controller and HM20/HM25 temperature control program. This technology has proven to be excellent in both accuracy and ease of use, whilst also offering multiple innovative features for end-users.


AP-Tela Oy, a Kokkola-based subsidiary of Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj (ex-Vaahto Group), is a provider of heavy custom engineering and contract manufacturing services. The company specializes in the manufacturing of long, welded, and machined axially symmetrical parts. Most of the company’s customers are engineering companies and equipment manufacturers in Finland, Scandinavia, and Russia. Some of their main products include:

  • Heavy, welded, thick-walled steel pipes, cylinders, and cones
  • Rolls for the paper, energy, and lifting equipment industries
  • Welded and machined steel structures

The annealing furnace at AP-Tela’s facilities has dimensions of 2,5 x 2,6 x 12 meters with 450kW heating power. The furnace is in good condition, however, the furnace temperature control system was aged and no longer intuitive or user-friendly. Only a few select employees at AP-Tela had sufficient training to use it properly. The old furnace temperature control system was no longer supported by the manufacturer and there were difficulties in sourcing critical spare parts.

This meant upgrading the furnace temperature control system was important to ensure no downtime and to avoid future maintenance issues.

The customer was already familiar with our Rigel controller and contacted us regarding their need for a modern temperature control system for an existing furnace. Our team of wizards was happy to help and the upgrade project advanced rapidly, with installations being completed 3 weeks after the initial inquiry had been received.

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Benefits for AP-Tela

We asked AP-Tela what the biggest benefits or most important features of the new furnace temperature control system were:

  • Remote control & monitoring of heat treatment processes
  • An easy-to-use control system, which can now be used by all employees
  • Ease-of-mind that Heatmasters will provide rapid remote-support and other services to ensure smooth operations
  • Third-party calibration services are no longer required as Heatmasters handles that too

heat treatment temperature control system integrated

“The project was completed on a really fast schedule and all the control system features that were important to us were easily implemented. The staff/wizards at Heatmasters are knowledgeable and the cooperation with them went well.”
-Joonas Varila, Foreman/IWS, AP-Tela Oy

Integration of the new temperature control system to the annealing furnace enables AP-Tela to further optimize their heat treatment and annealing processes with continued support from the wizards of metal at Heatmasters to ensure no equipment downtime. Our team looks forward to future cooperation and ensuring the heat treatment furnace and temperature control system continue to operate flawlessly by providing regular furnace maintenance services and upgrades according to the evolving needs of the customer.

In addition to our refurbishment, upgrade & maintenance services, we design custom-tailored heat treatment furnaces to meet your needs. Heatmasters also provides temporary, modular furnace solutions for heat treatment at your facility, anywhere in the world.

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