Major Contract to Provide Equipment for Heat Treatment in Africa


Heat treatment transformers and related accessories and tools was shipped in March 2016.

Heatmasters has closed a major contract with a West African customer. Delivery containing several heat treatment transformers and related accessories and tools was shipped in March 2016. This equipment will provide high-quality, modern equipment that will provide the tools for future projects related to heat treatment in Africa.

Heatmasters designs and manufactures state-of-the-art technology for the heat treatment of metals. The design of the heat treatment equipment is rooted in half a century of expertise using the technology in the field. Our extensive equipment range includes modern heat treatment furnaces, heat treatment units, temperature control systems, and all related accessories.

The heat treatment equipment delivered to West-Africa will be used in the post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) process after welding on large metal objects. We can’t disclose further information due to strict NDA.

Heatmasters specialists will also provide local training for heat treatment in Africa along with supervision and support services to ensure that the equipment will be in efficient use by June 2016.

The HM406T2 is a 40 kVA fully-automatic, six-channel heat treatment unit for preheating and annealing metal workpieces. We are ensuring our clients receive innovative equipment, designed with industry requirements such as ease-of-use and a long product lifetime in mind!

Heatmasters’ stress-relieving and normalization furnaces, transformers, and related accessories/tools are sold to over 30 countries around the globe. Our representatives across the globe provide flexible, high-quality solutions and heat treatment equipment with technical support and reliable service, ensuring your heat treatment challenges are solved comfortably.

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