Meet the Heat Treatment Wizard of Silesia


Mariusz Majchrowicz - strategic client manager, heat treatment, Silesia, Poland" alt="Heatmasters">

Our team in Poland has expanded! We had some time to ask our newest wizard, Mariusz, some questions. Find out more about his responsibilities at Heatmasters below.

Who are you and what are your responsibilities at Heatmasters?

Hello everyone, my name is Mariusz Majchrowicz, all my personal, professional and business life is connected with the Silesia region of Poland. I was born here, and have continued to live and work here to this day.
Now, I’m a strategic client manager for Heatmasters, responsible for our heat treatment customers in Poland, especially within the Silesia region as well as external heat treatment projects.

When did you start working at Heatmasters?

I started cooperation with the team in Poland during the beginning of 2022 and finally fully joined the team in March.

Can you tell us about your educational background and prior experience?

I have a technical education in the machine construction and machining industry. For the last 12 years, I have been working as a project manager, involved with and managing projects happening in the mining, cement, coal and oil industries.

How would you describe your work at Heatmasters? What are the best and most challenging parts?

As a member of the big and highly experienced group of professionals, I’m constantly trying to improve my knowledge related to all the heat treatment processes and realizations. The most challenging part of this job is the right customer approaching level and ensuring that every accounts unique needs and expectations are exceeded. From a technical point of view, each project and valuation request needs to be treated individually.

What do you think of Heatmasters as a company and employer?

So far, it has been great to work with the other “wizards”. The company has a wide, horizontal structure, so collaboration is easy and everything is managed well.

What are you looking forward to during 2022?

Of course, I would like to reach all the private and work targets which I have set for this year. I am also looking forward to working with customers on many technically interesting projects and improving my knowledge of heat treatment processes, etc.

What do you do during your free time?

I’m playing Golf 🙂

Thanks, Mariusz!

Mariusz is already busy with multiple ongoing projects, so we didn’t pester him with additional questions.

If you have some questions for him about heat treatment in Silesia or just want to play some golf, get in touch below!

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