Refractory Lining and Combustion Chamber Dry Out Services at the Gaujas Koks Wood Industry Plant


Gaujas Koks Refractory and Combustion Chamber Lining Dry Out in Latvia Heatmasters

Gaujas Koks is a large and well-known raw wood processor and producer of structural wood in Latvia. Products manufactured include sawn KD boards, machine-strength graded structural timber, and various profiles of decking boards. Established in 1990, the company has shown continuous growth and now focuses on becoming more efficient and modern.

During this project, Heatmasters qualified specialists used 1 MW propane burners with calibrated controllers to complete the dry-out processes at the customer’s site. A temporary gas installation supplied propane for the burners.

Heatmasters’ burner systems include burners with a power output between 0,5 and 1 MW, and depending on the project, we can also utilize heating elements for dry-outs and other heating processes.

All our heating systems, including burners, utilize Heatmasters’ advanced digital temperature control systems. When using gas-fired burners, the digital temperature control system allows for precise burner control, ensuring accurate heating processes according to dry-out curves or set temperature parameters, and finally, digital documentation of the entire heating process.

In Gaujas Koks, two separate objects were heated, and for each process, thermocouples were installed directly on the combustion chamber’s lining surface. This allowed for precise temperature readings and appropriate control of the burners.

Despite difficult weather conditions on-site, all dry-out processes were completed on time and in accordance with the set parameters from dry-out curves and manufacturer instructions.

Cooperation with the client was exemplary and our team appreciates feedback received from Gaujas Koks, the best confirmation of a job well done!
“Thanks to the entire Heatmasters team for the high level of services provided during dry-outs in Gaujas Koks.”
– Romāns Kazaks, Technical Director of Gaujas Koks

In addition to providing professional refractory dry-out services around the world, Heatmasters has a strong track record of cooperation with process facilities, manufacturers, and other parties’ heat treatment services, equipment, or for example, turn-key greenfield projects.

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