Heatmasters designs and manufactures high-quality custom-tailored gas and electric heat treatment furnaces for companies that have decided to invest in in-house heat treatment capabilities and know-how.
Each furnace is designed together with the customer, to ensure each furnace also meets current and future heating requirements.

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    Innovative Yet Simple Design

    Our cutting-edge software and strong expertise in the heat treatment of metals, spanning half a century means our heat treatment furnaces are user-friendly, durable, and well insulated. We believe in simple solutions, that always work whilst fulfilling your heat treatment requirements and standards such as ISO 17663.


    Complete Solutions

    Furnaces require user training and testing/calibration of equipment. Furnaces built on-site will also require construction. Heatmasters constructs, tests, and provides all training to furnace clients on-site with over half a century of experience in the heat treatment industry. Of course, we provide flexible after-sales service and support to ensure smooth heat treatment operations for years to come!


    Modern Control Systems

    Our modern heat treatment process control software and controllers ensure the accurate results and documentation of the heat treatment process, whilst allowing easy operation on-site or remotely. Avoid using traditional thermal recorders, which have proven inaccurate in demanding conditions. The highest quality heat treatment furnaces require modern control systems such as the legendary Rigel + HM25 system from Heatmasters.

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    Efficient Electric and Gas Heating Options

    Heating for our furnaces is provided by electricity or gas. Each solution is highly optimized to provide evenly distributed, accurate and efficient temperatures. We also provide a thermal imaging service to ensure there are no leaks within the furnace.

    Furnace Types

    Heatmasters delivers heat treatment furnaces according to your specifications.
    Common furnace types delivered include:

    • Top Hat Furnaces
    • Pivot Door Furnaces
    • Forced Air Circulation Furnaces
    • Chamber Furnaces
    • Car Bottom / Bogie Furnaces
    • Temporary Heat Treatment Furnaces

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    Designed for

    • Stress relieving
    • Normalizing
    • Preheating
    • Austenitizing
    • Pearliting
    • Ferriting
    • Softening