Heat Treatment Units

Heatmasters provides the market’s most advanced heat treatment units for pre-heating and PWHT (post-weld heat treatment) of metal objects. Decades of experience in on-site works have allowed us to design solutions that are innovative and designed with industry requirements such as ease-of-use and a long product lifetime in mind!

Our equipment range covers both semi and fully automatic units with three or six channels. Induction and resistance heating solutions are also available – up to custom made 200kVA transformers.

Rental units are also currently available.

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    State-of-the-art temperature control system

    Heatmasters’ computerized state-of-the-art temperature control system for digital, easy, and accurate setting, controlling, monitoring, and documentation of the heat treatment process, even remotely.


    Minimized maintenance & downtime

    Thyristor based power output control minimizes maintenance work and decreases equipment downtime. Durable stainless steel covers give our units a sleek look and a long lifetime thanks to enhanced protection.


    Portable & lightweight

    Weighing half of the weight of traditional heat treatment units or less, our solutions are portable and easy to move around on-site. Receive alarms and status reports to your phone.


    Distinct and clear user interface

    Signal lights ensure the status of the electrical network and heating resistors is crystal clear for the operator.

    Preheating Units

    Our semi-automatic preheating units are suitable for the preheating of metal parts. These thyristor-controlled transformer type units have been designed with usability in mind: their simple and lightweight structure allows effortless mobility and efficient pre-heating at any location. These units are almost maintenance-free, ensuring cost-efficient heating operations.

    3-Channel Variants:6-Channel Variants:


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    Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Units

    Our fully automatic thyristor-controlled transformer type heat treatment units for the annealing of metal parts have been designed for on-site use. Our innovative temperature control system ensures accurate heat treatment process control, easy documentation, and on-site/remote monitoring & control. The compact and lightweight design of the unit provides effortless mobility which aids on-site use. Thanks to thyristor-controlled output power, the units are almost maintenance-free to minimize downtime and ensure cost-efficient operations.

    3-Channel Variants:6-Channel Variants:


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    The HM35 INU is an inverter-based multi-purpose heating unit, utilizing induction coils or heating resistors in pre-heating, PWHT, shrink-fitting, and other heating applications. It is a portable and lightweight solution, weighing only 11 kg. As such, it is very useful to take on remote jobs as it is easy to handle and transport.
    Induction heating permits a fast and smooth heating process, and the coils are extremely easy to install, even in small spaces. Alternatively, the unit can utilize resistance heating with heating mats. Depending on the size of the workpiece, one or two heating units can be used. Induction coils or resistors are attached on both sides of the weld seam and when using only one heating unit, they are connected in series with a jumper cable.

    The integrated Heatmasters temperature control system allows for step-less manual and semi-automatic heating power adjustment options, ensuring an accurate heat-treatment process. Finally, the unit is easily powered anywhere with a single-phase 230V plug.

    Max Temperature: 750°C with Induction, 1050°C with Resistance Heating

    HM35 INU
    Induction & Resistance Heating3,5kWDownload

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