Thermocouples, Tools & Insulation

Functionality, reliability, and easy working methods have high importance when selecting the right heat treatment consumables and tools such as insulation materials, thermocouples, and other accessories.

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    Thermocouples & Temperature Recording

    Heatmasters provides all tools and high-quality heat treatment consumables related to thermocouples and temperature recording.

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    HM190 Thermocouple Attachment Unit

    HM190 is a lightweight capacitor-discharge tool designed for easy attachment of the thermocouple wires.

    It produces a high-quality connection to ensure reliable and accurate temperature control and recording…every single time!

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    • Easy to use, even one-handed
    • Rapid and precise temperature measurement
      • High-temperature thermocouple wire welded directly onto the component provides accurate information during the heat treatment process
    • Quick and accurate thermocouple attachment
      • Capacitor-discharge welding allows fast and precise attachment
      • The current GEN2 version has more power (welding output power 39Ws)
      • Welding automation
    • Portable
      • Built-in rechargeable battery provides approximately 250 weld capacity per charge

    HM190 Thermocouple Attachment Unit

    Temperature Recorders & Data Loggers

    Product Product #
    6 Channel Temperature Recorder2200530
    20 Channel Data Logger (Black)2200534

    Heatmasters 6 channel or 12 channel temperature recorder for heat treatment processesHeatmasters Data Logger


    Heatmasters provides a wide range of different size thermocouple sticks and magnetic thermocouples.

    Heatmasters Thermocouples (Stick Thermocouple and Magnet Thermocouple) - Heat Treatment Consumables


    Thermocouple Wires

    Product Product # Dimensions
    TC wire-K-0,8-142716008052xØ0,8 mm, K-type wire
    Tmax = 1420 °C
    1 coil = 300 m
    TC wire-K-0,8-870 16008042xØ0,8 mm, K-type wire
    Tmax = 870 °C
    1 coil = 300 m

    Heatmasters Thermocouple - thermocouple wire suppliers - Heat Treatment Consumables

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    Band Clip Sealer

    The sealer is a light tool with handles that are held perpendicular to the strapping, producing a 1 up notch type seal. Because the strength of this type of seal derives primarily from the shearing of the metal rather than from frictional forces, it provides a secure joint on slippery waxed strapping.

    Heat Treatment Tools & Consumables - Band Clip Sealer

    Band Tensioner

    The tensioning tool uses the rack and pinion method of tensioning against a specially designed “Pusherbar Seal”. The tool has a strap break-off feature; by tilting the tool forward at the end of the sealing operation, the strap breaks off flush to the seal.

    Heat Treatment Consumables & Tools - Band Tensioner

    Steel Band and Sealing Clips

    Steel bands and sealing clips to be used with the above tools when attaching heating elements to workpieces.

    Band Tensioner    1,2kg
    Band Sealer    1,0 kg
    Steel Band    0,5×16 mm, 20 kg/coil
    Band Clips    16×25 mm, 2000pcs/package

    Heat Treatment Consumables - Steel Bands and Clips for attaching heat treating elements / heating mats for pre-heating and PWHT.


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    Magnet Fixer and Magnets

    The magnet fixer and magnets allow rapid attachment of heating elements onto workpieces which will retain magnetism during heat treatment processes. The fixer has a length of 200 mm, with two magnets (Ø60×15 mm).

    Magnet attacher used for clamping pre-heaters (heating elements or mats) to a workpiece.

    Thermal Insulation Materials

    Heatmasters provides high-quality insulation materials with fast delivery times and cost-effective pricing. If you are not sure what the best insulation material is for your needs, get in touch with our wizards for help with choosing the right heat treatment consumables!

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    Ceramic Thermal Insulation Blankets

    Specialty high-temperature needled blankets manufactured from alkaline earth silicate (AES) wool with proprietary fiber spinning technology to ensure superior thermal and mechanical properties. These insulation blankets are designed for use in a wide range of applications with continuous operating temperatures of 1100°C and maximum temperatures of 1200°C – such as insulating workpieces to be annealed, refractory-linings, and insulation of heat treatment furnaces. Thanks to the innovative fiber technology, these blankets allow you to reduce energy costs and meet increasingly strict carbon emission targets, without increasing the amount of insulation material required. The blankets are made from low-biopersistent, inorganic fiber materials which decreases health risks for those handling insulation material.

    Ceramic Thermal Insulation Blankets - Heat Treatment Insulation Material - Heat Treatment Consumables

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    • Completely inorganic, low-biopersistent blanket – no smoke generation or outgassing
    • Minimal dust and easy handling
    • Low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance
    • Excellent flexibility
    • High tensile strength and resiliency
    • Lightweight (25% less weight & thickness whilst retaining the performance of standard AES blankets)
    Product #Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    Ceramic Blanket 13mm-128kg/m3180102413x610x146401100 °C
    Ceramic Blanket 13mm-160kg/m3180102713x610x146401100 °C
    Ceramic Blanket 25mm-128kg/m3180102525x610x73201100 °C
    Ceramic Blanket 25mm-160kg/m3180102625x610x73201100 °C

    Mineral Wool

    Lightly bonded heavy-duty stone wool insulation mat with a steel wire mesh. This mat is an ideal solution for insulating workpieces to be annealed.

    Mineral Wool for Pre-heating and PWHT Insulation - Heat Treatment Insulation Material - Heat Treatment Consumables

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    • Heavy-duty stone wool has a long lifetime
    • High-temperature resistance
    • Meets standards such as EN14303, CINI 2.2.02, ASTM C592
    ProductProduct #Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    Wired Mineral Wool180050650x1000x4000mm660 °C

    Ceramic Insulation Cloth

    The cloth is made from Satin weave and provides excellent protection against thermal radiation. It is resistant to most chemicals, except for hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and strong alkalis. Each roll contains approximately 50 meters, minimum quantity sold is 10 meters.


    Heatmasters Insulation Cloth - Heat Treatment Insulation Material - Heat Treatment Consumables

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    • Excellent protection against thermal radiation
    • Resistant to most chemicals
    ProductProduct #Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    Insulation Cloth18015091,3x9001000 °C