Fixing Tools & Accessories

Functionality, reliability and easy working methods have high importance when selecting the right tools, accessories and consumables such as insulation materials.

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    Thermocouples & Temperature Recording Devices

    HM190 Thermocouple Attachment Unit

    HM190 is a lightweight capacitor-discharge welder specially designed for easy attachment of the thermocouple wires.

    Produces a high-quality welded connection to ensure a reliable and
    accurate temperature control and recording…every single time!

    • Easy to Use, Even One-Handed
    • Rapid and Precise Temperature Measurement
      • High temperature thermocouple wire welded directly onto the component provides accurate information during the heat treatment process
    • Quick and Accurate Thermocouple Attachment
      • Capacitor-discharge welding allows fast and precise attachment
      • Current GEN2 version has more power (welding output power 39Ws)
      • Welding automation
    • Portable
      • Built-in rechargeable battery provides approximately 250 weld capacity per charge

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    AccessoriesLeather case, charge cable, welding cable set
    Mains voltage 200 ... 240V/50Hz
    Welding voltage46V
    Welding wireThermocouple wires Ø0,5 ... 1,0 mm
    Function displayMains, battery condition, charge condition
    Dimensions235 x 216 x 62 mm
    Weight2,3 kg
    Max Heat Penetration0,2 mm

    Thermocouple Wires

    Product no Product Dimensions
    1600805 TC wire-K-0,8-14272xØ0,8 mm, K-type wire
    Tmax = 1420 °C
    1 coil = 300 m
    1600804 TC wire-K-0,8-870 2xØ0,8 mm, K-type wire
    Tmax = 870 °C
    1 coil = 300 m

    Temperature Recorders

    Product no Product
    2200526 JUMO Logoprint 500 temperature recorder


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    Band Clip Sealer

    The sealer is a light tool with handles which are held perpendicular to the strapping, producing a 1 up notch type seal. Because the strength of this type of seal derives primarily from the shearing of the metal rather than from frictional forces, it provides a secure joint on slippery waxed strapping.

    Band Tensioner

    The tensioning tool is a light duty tool using the rack and pinion method of tensioning against a specially designed “Pusherbar Seal”. The tool has a strap break-off feature; by tilting the tool forward at the end of the sealing operation, the strap breaks off flush to the seal.

    Steel Band and Sealing Clips

    Steel bands and sealing clips to be used with the above tools when attaching heating elements to workpieces.

    Magnet Fixer and Magnets

    The magnet fixer and magnets allow rapid attachment of heating elements onto workpieces which will retain magnetism during heat treatment processes.

    Technical Details of Fixing Tools & Accessories

    Product NoProductDimensions
    1700502Band tensioner 1,2 kg
    1700504BaL = 200 mmd clip sealer1,0 kg
    1700506 Steel band 0,5x16 mm, 20 kg/coil
    1700510 Band clip 16x25 mm,
    1700512 2 Steel band holding case
    1701006 Magnet fixer L=200 mm, 2 magnets,
    Tmax 250 °C
    1701010MagnetØ60x15 mm,
    Tmax =250 °C

    Thermal Insulation Materials

    Heatmasters provides high-quality insulation materials with fast delivery times and cost-effective pricing. If you are not sure what the best insulation material is for your needs, get in touch with our wizards!

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    Mineral wool PV-100VM

    Mineral wool covered with steel wire net is an ideal material to insulate workpieces to be annealed. Temperature resistance is up to 750 °C in continuous use. Sintering temperature: 1100 °C. Recommended insulation thickness: T < 700°C – 50 mm; T > 700°C 100 mm.

    Product no
    Product Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    1800505 750 °CPV100-VM50 50x900x4000 750 °C

    Ceramic Blanket Calcium-Silica

    Carbowool products can be used as thermal insulation in a wide range of applications. The blanket has excellent thermal and physical stability up to 1100 °C. Carbowool needle-felted blanket contains no organic binders.

    Product no
    Product Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    1801004 Ceramic blanket-25-12825x610x7320mm,
    1000 °C

    Ceramic blanket Silicafiber

    The product has a high continuous-temperature resistance of more than 1000 °C. The blanket is based on high-quality silica fiber, and has very good insulating properties, excellent handling, causes no skin irritation and is harmless to health.

    Product noProduct Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    1801010Ceramic blanket-HKO-1212x1000 mm1000 °C

    Ceramic cloth Silica fibre, glass fiber cloth

    The cloth is made from filament yarns mixed with a fiber and provides excellent protection against thermal radiation. It is resistant to most chemicals, except for hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, and strong alkalis.

    Product no Product Dimensions (mm) Tmax
    1801502 Insulation cloth-800FI Tmax 1200 °C/800g/
    1000 °C
    1801506 mm 1000 °CTextured glassfibre cloth,
    TG1000 CS (LKT1100B)
    W = 1000 1000 °C